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Apart from the usual hull-in closets, we also produce built-in wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are better to used in those cases where there is unused space in the niche. Installation of built-in wardrobes can solve two problems at once: the problem of storage and preservation of that valuable floor space. Also built-in wardrobes can be placed along the walls. A distinctive feature of the built-in wardrobes is that they do not have all the elements that conventional cabinets have. If the cabinet is installed in a niche, then it is only a front panel with a sliding door. The role of floor, ceiling, side panels, rear panel create the walls of the niche. If the built-in cabinet is mounted along the wall, then it might not be one or two side panels. Bravo built-in wardrobes combine a sense of external style with a smart internal storage design.

Built in wardrobe types and varieties

Our skilled designers and craftsmen will customise your wardrobe to both your décor and storage needs. We always use top-grade materials and experienced fitting specialists to ensure your Bravo built-in wardrobes will offer you years of style and quality service, both inside and out. We manufacture and install our systems using the finest quality materials and full-time Bravo London Limited employees. We have total control over all aspects of the planning, design, and manufacturing.  Our range of designs and wardrobe types is truly extensive:

Sliding door wardrobes

Having a sliding door wardrobe is certainly a good option if you are lacking with space in your living area. This is when sliding wardrobes door works. You simply need to slide it at one side to open without attempting to open it out wide. In the long run it helps us to save a huge space in your wardrobe area. The quality of the Bravo Aluminium Sliding Door Systems™ is second to none, high quality ball bearing wheels ensure smooth and soundless movement of the doors of our sliding door wardrobes.

Contemporary Wardrobes

This style of wardrobes, so elegant and irreproachable has won sympathies thanks to its moderate style, strict clearness. Modern wardrobes are nowadays a staple in many households. Their asceticism and harmony have found admirers among the fans of simplicity and comfort. Contemporary Wardrobes are made of MDF and melamine faced boards, varnish sprayed real wood and offer a unique and stylish look with a smooth finish.

Traditional Wardrobes

So warm, cosy and endearing.  All that can be said about the Traditional wardrobes and their unique and such a familiar charm. Bravo traditional wardrobes offer an extensive amount of options geared for personalizing the wardrobe that you will love and never grow bored off. Traditional wardrobes are normally made from MDF, high-grade plywood or real wood. Such features as drawers at the bottom, and a full length mirror inserted into one of the doors are compatible and used with some of the wardrobes. Such wardrobe offers a great storage solution. There are a lot of designs one can choose from as well. Our range is very big and will suit any budget.

Positive aspects of the built-in wardrobes

The disadvantage of furniture is, that due to its certain standards it is very difficult and sometimes impossible, to place, for example, in the small niche that has a rough uneven walls and ceilings. Therefore, the best option was and is ordered according to the size of this niche, design, and very roomy built-in wardrobe. The solution is a Built-in version, fully bespoke and made-to-measure, a minimum of parts and maximum comfort as it is possible to use existing space more efficiently.
   Dimensions of a built-in wardrobe can be arbitrary. The material from which made cabinets, colors, design, texture and accessories – all of this depends on the desires and needs of the customer. Internal fillings are: shelves, baskets, hangers, etc., can also be designed by the customer, according to your needs. Next it has the advantage is that it is supporting the framework of walls and floor of the room, which brings substantial savings in materials. All this leads to the fact that the option of furniture is much cheaper than the hull. The only moot point of a built-in design – is that it can not move or move, as it is designed only for a certain place in the apartment and to a specific size. However, this does not stop the customers, since the advantages of built-in wardrobes outweigh all cons.
   And most important of them is – a great space-saving tool, low cost and a an extensive choice of different inner fillings. Thus, built-in wardrobes are undoubtedly very attractive for buyers who seek convenience and comfort.

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You can use our program to calculate the design of the sliding door wardrobe. This gives us exclusive advantage of finishing the project in 4 days (if standard materials are used) and up to 4 weeks. You can customise it as much as you want – choose its size, colours, components that go inside. You can save it, send it to us. Our designer will look at the design you constructed, if needed, correct it and advise you on any changes that are necessary.

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