Our Services

Bravo London Limited is a manufacturer of made-to-measure bespoke sliding door wardrobes.

1. Contact us – See our showroom

Simply give us a call during office hours or use the contact form and we will call you back.
You are also most welcome to visit our office and showroom
Call us 0208 965 5680 or Book a designer visit

2. We visit you

We will book an appointment at a time convenient for you.
We can book daily, early evening and weekend appointments.
Our representative will take measurements – should you decide to accept our quote.
Our representative will bring all product samples so you can see and feel the product quality.

3. Quotation and Drawings

Shortly after our visit we will send you detailed quote and drawings.
If you have already received the drawing and would like to make changes, please just contact us, we will be happy to update your quote.
If you after you have received the drawing want to make changes,
please just contact us, we will be happy to update your quote.
You are also most welcome to visit our office/showroom before you place an order.

4. Production and installation

If you decide to accept our quote, production will start shortly after we have received deposit.
Our normal lead-time is 3 – 4 weeks, but longer during holiday seasons.
If you have opted for our installation service an installation date will be booked.
We also do Supply only – in this case delivery will be made as soon as the order has been processed in our UK warehouse.
Our warehouse and production line is situated in London; we have all the components and materials in the warehouse. This gives us exclusive advantage of finishing the project in 4 days (if standard materials are used) and up to 4 weeks.

5. Delivery charge

Delivery charges will apply.

6. Payment

We require a 50% deposit before production can start. 50% of the remaining balance should be paid in full 3 days prior to delivery.

Please NOTE

Because our products are custom-made, the deposit is NOT refundable once production has started.