Contemprorary Wardrobes

A beautiful solution to enhancing the appeal of your interior

This style of wardrobes, so elegant and irreproachable has won sympathies thanks to its moderate style, strict clearness. Modern wardrobes are nowadays a staple in many households. Their asketism and harmony have found admirers among the fans of simplicity and comfort. Contemporary Wardrobes are made of MDF and melamine faced boards, varnish sprayed real wood and offer a unique and stylish look with a smooth finish.

Contemporary wardrobes coupe completely changed our understanding of the furniture. Awkward and bulky wardrobes gave way to aesthetic, spacious and fits nicely into the interior of the original cabinets coupe. Occupying the space from floor to ceiling closets are spacious compartments inside and compact outside. Due to the large mirrors or glass, highlights, and a carefully chosen color scheme, modern closet space makes the above and more spacious. Modern wardrobes are convenient, they are placed in hallways, bedrooms, children’s rooms, as well as part of the zoning area. Bilateral compartment cabinets to order – a new trend in furniture design. These original cabinets coupe combines several functions: the actual cabinet, wall, and the possibility of secret equipment room in the apartment.

Any contemporary bespoke wardrobes are unique. Luxurious furniture and does not suffer because the colour reproduction, the selection of furniture, materials, content and dimensions of the individual for each project. Reliable supplies, the lack of swing doors, endless possibilities of decoration – all this makes the original cabinets clumps indispensable piece of furniture in a luxury interior.

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