Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes

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Fitted Wardrobes – from words to business

Insane and restless rate of city life undermines us all. This fast and mad rhythm dictates its own rules and we as inhabitants of this environment have to adapt our lives to catch up with that unruly tempo. Our dwellings are directly affected as well, making us adapt our houses, apartments and offices to be able to store all of the documents, drawings, office and business items, books, professional tools etc. There are so many things, so important and useful to us, lying in dark rooms on dusty shelves, leaving us no single chance to find them. They are hidden on numerous bookshelves, sideboards and old cabinets/bedsides and corners creating a disorganised environment.

And here comes the remarkable moment. When the volume of necessary and useful things needs to increase and becomes critical and less and less of the available space remains at your disposal, the thought of getting a fitted wardrobe will be the ever best solution for finally restoring the right order within your house/apartment or office. Fitted wardrobes are not only meant to be functional, but they are a unique possibility not only to attach the necessary trifles but also to give any room a remarkable makeover, adding more style and grace.

 Sliding Doors Wardrobe - Blog Pictute  Sliding Doors Fitted Wardrobe - Blog Picture

Fitted wardrobes with ease can fill practically any unoccupied niche indoors and also to make it completely useful. As the usual height of the bespoke fitted wardrobe is in full height of a niche, it means that the free, empty space is used as well as possible. Thus it is important that the ceiling, walls and the floor of the niche have a good appearance because they will be internal surfaces of your fitted wardrobe.

A bespoke and made-to-measure fitted wardrobe almost doesn’t limit us in selection of accessories. For example, various ranges of materials for the doors can offer more than two hundred options. There are surprising colours of melamine, great range of real wood and veneer, colour glasses and mirrors and graceful real and imitation leather. Also meet our innovative and the most remembered options, such as a photo printing on your fitted wardrobes and art processing of glasses and mirrors of doors of the sliding door fitted wardrobe.

Perhaps, the most important aspect of completing any sliding door wardrobe including fitted wardrobes is the sliding door system. Our patented and known Bravo profile and our unique Bravo Sliding Door System from the very beginning are considered as the best choice for the consumers appreciating uncompromising functionality. Years of research and development allowed us to perfect our sliding door mechanism, making it the core of our fitted wardrobes. Our aluminum profile range is very wide and our profile is a unique combination of design beauty and engineering and functional thought

 Open Wardrobe Sliding Doors - Blog Picture  Fitted Wardrobe Sliding Doors - Blog Picture

Talking about the internal design of your fitted wardrobe, fitted sliding door wardrobes also offer a big range and convenience of accessories. Push-to-open baskets for linen, hangers for trousers, pull-down hanging rails, shoe racks and every single possible option of lighting will not leave you indifferent when designing your bespoke made-to-measure fitted wardrobe.

In the course of drawing up of the drawing of the fitted wardrobe we advise to listen to remarks of your designer, he will prompt to you on the design interior of the wardrobe. Our designers prevail your choice and taste but are always there to advise on the technical and functional aspects because manufacturing of modular furniture is a very serious matter, and there are a lot of “reefs” which are well known to the professional.

At last, the project is drawn, the deposit is paid and your wardrobe is sent to the production line. Production of the fitted wardrobe takes usually from 10 to 16 days. Installation and delivery very often occur during the same day with some more complex cases taking two days.

During the inspection of your fitted sliding door wardrobe pay attention to the external condition of all details including the aluminum profile, functioning of a racks, baskets and pull-down hanging rails. Look at how the sliding doors move. Sliding is obliged to be smooth, and at the moment of opening and closing of a door should occur at minimum effort. These are standards that we go by and this allows to judge quality of a profile of the sliding wardrobe and the sliding system itself.

And in the end, we advise to you to familiarize with usual rules on use and care of cabinet furniture, to help you to avoid any possible problems.

That is it! Your fitted wardrobe will now and with honour carry out its defining function to protect you from a problem of space deficiency. Enjoy yourselves!

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