Why Sliding Door Wardrobes

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Why you should do Sliding Door Wardrobes?

While the concept of having wardrobes doors slide as oppose to the traditional hinged door openings is not something new – it may seem like many of us have not fully embraced the benefits of the modern sliding door concepts over the classic ones.

Alongside the fact that our shopping patterns don’t seem to decrease and our belongings only increase with the increase of population in and around London predicted that London alone will be hitting 10 million during this decade means that we have less and less available space. Existing homes and new builds have to be designed/ redesigned to a more ergonomic way and optimise all available space.


This is why we have been on the front line of developing optimal storage solutions which not only do their job as per function but also look design amazing.

One of the biggest advantages of sliding doors to your fitted wardrobes is the fact that they not only look great but they also actually give your living space some extra area to actually live and breathe in – opening up hinged doors does takes up the increasingly valuable and scarce floor space that which could be used for so much more.

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